Silly Lilly おばかさんなリリィ




Silly Lilly Remembers Her Manners 

– 出典 My Young Child. org:

Silly Lilly forgets her manners at the door.
She doesn’t say “hello” any more.

Silly Lilly doesn’t say “please”
When she asks her Mom to pass the cheese.

After her Daddy ties her shoe,
Silly Lilly forgets to say “thank you!”

When Silly Lilly pushes her brother’s knee
She doesn’t even say “excuse me!”

So Silly Lilly’s Mom sat her down.
And said, “It’s time for you to stop acting like a clown.”

“People who care talk nicely to each other,
They use good manners with their father, mother, and brother.”

“I’m sorry.” Lilly said.
And her face was a little red.

I’ll carry my manners whenever I go.
And be the most polite girl you know!




Kumata_LR-e1388021703827初めての方は、ぜひ、【くまたのフォニックス♪】 から。 おはなしを読むだけで英語の本当の発音ルールが ざくざくっとわかっちゃう!